The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

In this riveting, lyrical debut novel, Heller imagines a post-apocalyptic world that still retains beauty and magic amid the ruins of civilization.  A flu pandemic has wiped out most of the population of North America, leaving Hig, his dog Jasper, and misanthropic neighbor Bangley to survive as best they can in rural Colorado.  Hig is a pilot, and flies his vintage Cessna on scouting trips to ensure the safety of his uneasy tribe of two.  Jasper is his co-pilot and constant companion, keeping him sane and providing a link to his earlier life – happily married and expecting a child.

The Dog Stars examines what it means to be human – is it just a matter of survival, or is there more to life?  Hig searches for peace, on fishing trips into the mountains with Jasper, and finally in a search for connection beyond the boundaries of his current existence.   Both heartbreaking and achingly hopeful, The Dog Stars is one of the best books of last year, or for that matter, any year.

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